Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mobile Prepaid Agent

Want to become a Mobile Prepaid Agent?? You have come to the right place. You ask me how??
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Still curious?? Read below...

How to become a mobile prepaid agent??
Here are the list, things that you need to do:

1) Have a mobile phone
2) A Celcom or Maxis* user (because the company are using the Celcom & Maxis* server)
3) Internet connection (home, office, cyber cafe etc. where available)
3) A capital as low as RM50.00( RM 40.00 = 1 time registration fee | RM10.00 = initial capital)

*Newly added

If you have done prepare these list, then your are ready for an extra income opportunity!!
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With the company that I'll introduce to you, you'll get 2 benefits:

1) Prepaid top up profits

Up to 2% - 5.5%, depends on the telco (Hotlink, Celcom, UMobile), 10% -11% (iTalk Mobile).

Example: for a RM10 top up, you will get at RM9.50 price & sell it at RM10 price.

2) Sponsor Incentives

When you introduce a friends to sign up with the company, you will get a RM 10 credited to your account.

Great Deals isn't it?
What are you waiting for? Sign up today!! Now!! A.S.A.P!!

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Video Testimonial

Here I've attached my video bank statement, if you are not convince with the program. It's not a picture snapshot, but a video screen capturing activity. Means that, what you see is what I'm doing at that time. No scams! No cheat! No get rich quick scheme! Just an opportunity for those who want to grab it!

From this video, you'll see that almost every day I need to topup my capital. Why??
Because my business is doing GREAT of course!!

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